Skills Portfolio
Design Construction Company, Insurance Website, Educational Institute, Non Profit Organization, Medical Consultancy, Advertising Agency
Website Construction Company, Digital Marketing Agency, Advertising Agency, E-commerce Stores, Electrical Company, Aluminum Company, Roofing Company, Swimming Pools Company
Advertising Non Profit Organization, Insurance Website, Educational Institute, Non Profit Organization
Social Educational Institute, Water Filteration Company, Insurance Website, Advertising Agency, Medical Consultancy, E-commerce Store
Search Medical Consultancy, Insurance Website, Ecommerce Store
Video Aluminum Company, Insurance Website, Migration Consultancy, Events, Advertising Agencies
Analytics Advertising Agency, Insurance Website, Medical Consultancy, Non Profit Organization
Emails Medical Consultancy, Insurance Website, Personal Blog
Writing Personal Blog, Insurance Website


  1. Redesigned logos, business stationery, brochures, profiles, physical branding, and websites of eight multinational companies based out of Dubai in three months,
  2. Created viral content and received more than one million views for a Facebook page in two weeks,
  3. Generated over twenty five thousand leads for enrollments across five different campuses,
  4. Received a primary distinction in the calligraphy competition held across colleges,
  5. Merit scholarship in eighth grade,
  6. Honorary mention in the dean’s list for maintaining top positions for consecutive years in annual examinations.


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