I am into marketing 80% technical and 20% creative, which makes me a 100% growth hacker – the best wave of digital marketers thus far. My second side is full-stack marketing – a full-scale digital marketing work.

With extensive experience in building a strong brand presence across all the digital media platforms with a sales funnel, I craft and implement successful digital marketing strategies. That will earn any startup, small and medium-sized businesses best on their ROI.

I have worked with dozens of startups, small and medium-sized enterprises.


Earlier in career:

  1. Redesigned logos, business stationery, brochures, profiles, physical branding, and websites of eight multinational companies based out of Dubai in three months,
  2. Created viral content and received more than one million views for a Facebook page in two weeks,
  3. Generated over twenty five thousand leads for enrollments across five different campuses,
  4. Started out as social media strategist, promoted to lead the entire digital media workload.

During schooling:

  1. Received a primary distinction in the calligraphy competition held across colleges,
  2. Merit scholarship in eighth grade,
  3. Honorary mention in the dean’s list for maintaining top positions for consecutive years in annual examinations.

Detailed Background


Business Students Society – Founder:
A class fellow inspired to start a new extracurricular society, discussed its name with elder brother and came up with one. Stopped its activities after joining other on-ground NGO’s.

Impact Global – Member & Campus Representative:
Didn’t know much about joining social welfare organizations, spent hours in computer lab at my university and found few. Discussed some activities with their representative, couldn’t come at a common ground.


Umeed-e-Sahar – Director in Punjab:
Found someone on Facebook and asked about their NGO, discussed to start their regional activities in Punjab and held one of its meetings with a group of four people in Lahore. Didn’t leave the NGO but it stopped its activities.

Dr Iqbal Society of North America / Later known as International Iqbal Society – Project Manager:
Found its founder from Facebook and visited his home to join the cause. Later participated in a lot of events, study circles, designed graphic for it. Left in 2018 after the founder asked to finish the website project on my own without him having to ask the other participants to assist in it. Learnt a lot during the stay.


Arfa Karim Foundation – Marketing & Project Manager:
Found it from internet, visited office to join. Received appreciation from the mother of Arfa Karim Randhawa. Left it after an intruder broke an agreement with the NGO and its chairman asked us to pause the activities who later invited me to rejoin it though.

Heal Pakistan – Brand Manager:
Joined it after checking their activities on the internet. Visited its founder at his home and chatted a lot to discuss the upcoming projects. Started a unit called brand management cell. Left it after issues were raised within the society.


Imanagers – Internee Graphic Designer:
Was referred by someone, worked for some weeks after which I got invitation from Punjab Youth Festival. It resonated with me more than the professional work. One day, I simply stood up from the office and went to join Punjab Youth Festival.

Punjab Youth Festival ’12 – Focal Person:
My elder brother asked to join it, as it was a volunteer work event and it was bigger than my past assignments. I applied for it, but didn’t attend its interviews. They confirmed my role in the event, still. I visited them on commencement day, talked with its management and on the same day at evening I was a part of their management team rather than what I was joined for initially, that is, to be their volunteer.


Arts & Culture Society – Vice President:
Earlier I wasn’t accepted to be even a member of the same society, later after a senior member referred me there, I was accepted to be the VP there. It was an extra-curricular society at my campus. I organized events with a team of more than eight members.

American Life Insurance Company – Sales Representative:
Attended its training, didn’t like the work.


State Life Insurance Company – Sales Representative:
Attended its training, didn’t like the work.

Protégé Global – Customer Service Representative:
Attended its training, couldn’t qualify its screening test.

Vox – Call Center Representative:
Attended its training, couldn’t qualify its screening test.

Ibrama Communications – Call Center Representative:
Attended its training, qualified for screening test but didn’t progress in its calls. Stopped by choice.

Mindbridge – Call Center Representative:
Got training, was not able to show progress on calls.

Rana Science Academy – Tutor:
Started with a salary of I guess PKR 2-3000 per month, left it in first month after I faced issues in the management staff who were unethical in their character.

Private Primary School – Primary Teacher:
Taught some pupils for a few days.

Imanagers – Marketing Associate:
Joined after visiting the office for two times and following up on calls for some times. It was the first long term job that I was offered. It shaped my career, as the CEO of that company would say. Left it after I got a job at another digital marketing agency for a role that resonated with me and improved my salary.

InnoMedia - Graphic Designer:
Worked for a few projects to help the digital marketing agency serve their clients.


Zan Sol – Social Media Executive:
Worked for two to three months there, and left after its HR raised a dispute for coming later in office with a difference of a few minutes. Started its e-commerce company project.

CFE Group of Colleges – Social Media Strategist later Digital Media Lead:
Was referred there by the director of communications at Imanagers, and was later promoted to digital marketing lead role. Supported its subsidiary business, a restaurant. Started a number of projects in my tenure and spent a big portion of my early career there. Started as a part time job, I was later asked to attend it for full time.


Health Units – Social Media Manager:
Joined the startup after its growth consultant insisted to be a part of it, and left it after I was offered full time work at CFE.

Aqua Safe Foundation – Digital Media Consultant:
Spent the days and nights at the office space as I was offered to stay there.


IPS Marketing Agency – Digital Marketing Manager:
Worked there for three to four months, after which I was offered sponsorship to move to Dubai.

Vudu Advertising – Senior Digital Branding Specialist:
Worked with multiple clients to serve them across all the marketing platforms and services. In social media, website creation, graphic designing, video making, domain management, emails management and consultancy.


BuyAnyInsurance.com – Digital Marketing Manager later Marketing Director:
Wasn’t offered the job initially, later I was reached out by the company itself. Replaced its key people to offer those services to the company. Exceeded the expectations in key performance indicators in my role.