Your Customer Isn't Always Right Nor The King, Nevertheless, They Own Their Rights

May 22, 2020 18:30 · 645 words · 4 minute read opinion

Your Customer Isn't Always Right Nor The King, Nevertheless, They Own Their Rights

A business needs money to run, for this either you will empty your pockets or need more buyers to serve. The phrases “the customer is the king” and “your customer is always right” should have been designed just to resolve a product that should meet certain standards, notwithstanding that fact that you can skip serving a handful of customers because your business is something else than they were expecting.

I have listed down some cases to prove the rationale.

Your customer didn’t know what to buy but up to some expect. Unless you are selling to the industry experts, which is most definitely not the same case always, and you should be the expert in this seller-buyer relationship, you can tell your customer what they should get. It is also a reality that you as a seller sometimes would hide some information from the buyer to blind them from the disadvantages of your product or services, but this is another topic on the morality of your relationship with your customers.

Serving customers, more than considering them normal humans who also commit mistakes, more than serving your employees and considering your employees as the dogs of a master is like a cruel materialistic mindset to gain more wealth. This kind of business is a greedy environment more than a customer-centric approach. If a customer treats your employee with rage and biased anger because they didn’t appreciate your employee’s personality attributes, you must not think of your employee as a machine that you can amend to please someone’s personal desires, kick your customer out if that is what’s needed in that situation.

You will come across the customers who would not remove negative reviews about your business even if you have given them back their money or served better to resolve the issue. The online system of reviews has given the chance to people to create fake profiles and use the language as it pleases to their mood, without considering the moral obligations to inform others around them. This is the sickening of a customer more than what you should worry about.

It is your job to correct them unless they ignore you blindly. There are a huge number of people, similar to a business, who will run after saving money and getting more money to their pockets. This mentality gives vibes to them to madly become angry at your work without listening to you.

The right can be in the wrong place. Your customer could say that they needed something else, well, your business wasn’t designed for that. Which is why they needed to consult with you and know about your offerings before buying and showing their rage. This is again a psychological dilemma that should be treated on the side of a customer.

What is the right of a customer? They can claim their amount back or be served in a justified manner. In addition to the predefined rights, however, this is something that many won’t care to read terms and conditions but they will complain about the same issues that are mentioned in T&C’s. Above all, a customer has the right to step back and say no to buying in the first place.

This points above do not justify the bad practices carried out by some businesses, but they highlight what a business should deal in case they face a customer that they are hungry to serve. This age of services above common sense is destroying the moralities and humanity at a common man’s level.

The businesses should take care of both sides, employees and customers, which is how a business can prosper to grow in the long run. Otherwise, it is no secret how important are the employees to run a business. Make both sides your friends, your employees and your customers, unless either of them are materialistic more than a sensible citizen.